Fruits and vegetables arranged in a crate

What’s the Superfood for Your Career?

We’ve all heard about “superfoods,” most likely: things like chia seeds, berries, avocados, nuts, kale, etc. Unfortunately, beef short ribs, pie, and lasagna aren’t on the list for whatever reason. What?! Shocking. At any rate, just as it’s recommended that we nourish ourselves with superfoods, it’s also important to nourish ourselves with food for our careers and lives of the non-eating variety. This can look like anything from learning experiences, time carved out to focus on our highest priorities, people we work with, and activities or tasks that energize us that are well-aligned with our strengths, skillset, and talents.

So, as we embark on a new year, what’s the state of your career diet? What might you need to swap out with something more nourishing that does a better job of feeding your soul as well as your bank account? Consider these items as you evaluate where changes may need to be made:

Time management: eliminating or delegating wasteful tasks or activities so you can better make time for higher priority, meatier work and projects that have a bigger impact and that you enjoy.

Learning management: making time to stay updated with your skills or to learn something new, whether about a different subject area for work or fun, to keep your mind sharp and apply in the future in your career or life.

People management: assessing the state of your network and disconnecting from those who are a negative influence (if possible); reaching out to those who can have more of a positive effect, whether career-wise or personally, so they have more of a presence.

A steady diet of our own career superfoods can keep us fed indefinitely by taking intentional action that we have some control over and that makes sense for us in the grander scheme of things. Eat up!