March 4, 2019


Image by Jennifer Findlay Portraits


Are you looking to move into leading people but aren’t quite sure how to get there? Or are you newly promoted and are wondering how to best make the leap from your past role? Let’s get moving toward your success!

Whether you’ve been passed over for a promotion, would like to get promoted, or are new to people leadership or to an executive position, Lisa can work with you to set you up for a great transition.

Any new position requires different skills, mindsets, and approaches, regardless of your previous experience. We’ll uncover roadblocks together and get you some data on where you may need to focus your leadership development so you can set concrete, realistic goals.

Don’t go it alone! Remember that old adage of what got you here won’t get you there, especially if your organization doesn’t have the resources or capacity to provide you with one-on-one coaching, given existing priorities and pressures.


It’s frustrating and stressful when you feel unhappy with your career. One-on-one coaching provides you with clarity and direction for your future. Let’s get you unstuck with forward momentum!

If you feel directionless or dissatisfied, that you’re in the wrong role, or like you want to do more with your career but don’t know what, Lisa can support you in getting started on the right path that works for you.

A career shift can be daunting and confusing without guidance and some first steps. Even if you already know the problem may be something like your relationship with your manager, it’s good to have a coach who can take an objective look at the overall situation and explore possibilities with you for what could be.

Don’t waste another day! Keep in mind that any change for the better, regardless of how big or small, can serve you well, especially if you’re hesitant or uncertain about what that change looks like and need an “accountability partner” to get you there.


Thinking about what retirement or semi-retirement might be yet don’t have a plan or know what to aim for? It’s time to strategize how best to move forward. Let’s figure out your vision for your next phase!

So much of our identity can be tied to our careers that even the thought of retirement in any form may be scary (or at least unsettling). Sometimes, our mindsets and beliefs about it get in the way, such as that it automatically means sitting in a chair all day long watching movies or our favorite shows and wasting away in idleness.

Whether you’re an employee or business owner, Lisa can guide you in figuring out what this new future could be, so you have some concrete actions to take and goals to pursue to make it a reality. It doesn’t need to continue to be a fuzzy picture or blurry, amorphous “thing” dangling out there.

Don’t stress out (and don’t procrastinate)! Remember that nothing is set in stone, so getting a direction and plan in place doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Goals are meant to be dynamic and flexible while still giving you something motivating to go for to prevent that aimless feeling.

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