August 7, 2020

For Individuals

Schedule a call with Lisa today to explore how she can best support you with your career transition and see if you’re a fit for working together. In the meantime, below are options for how you can work with her 1:1.

Option 1: Reigniting You® Package

Reinvigorate Your Purpose – Break Free of Fear – Create Your Future

Work with Lisa in 3 steps – Reframe, Resolve, and Renew – over a 3-month timeframe to gain more clarity, fulfillment, and flexibility in your life with a concrete plan for what’s next with a fresh perspective.

Break free of fear of the unknown, irrelevance, or job loss by proactively crafting a strategy to successfully move you into your next phase feeling confident, resilient, and reenergized in a new aspect of your career and life.

Program Outline:

Reframe (Month 1)

Week 1: Foundational session to establish rapport, expectations, and logistics

Week 2: Create your vision for your future; clarify values, strengths, and priorities.

Week 3: Identify who you want to be in your new future – brand and personal identity.

Week 4: Integrate what you’ve learned and emerge with a new identity/brand statement.

Resolve (Month 2)

Week 5: Identify and resolve limiting beliefs and fears to leverage in a positive way.

Week 6: Learn and practice strategies that build confidence and resilience.

Week 7: Set clear, achievable goals to move forward toward your vision.

Week 8: Integrate what you’ve learned and emerge with documented goals.

Renew (Month 3)

Week 9: Manage anticipated obstacles to goal achievement.

Week 10: Commit to your goal and vision with accountability and milestones.

Week 11: Engage in action planning for your “go forward” commitments.

Week 12: Wrap-up and measurement of program results

As part of this package, you’ll receive:

  • 10 coaching sessions with Lisa at 45-60 minutes each (3 in months 1 and 2; 4 in month 3)
  • Homework assignments/exercises for your integration work (weeks 4 and 8)
  • Assessments/profiles as needed (unlimited and based on foundational session)
  • Access to Lisa via email, text, or phone with regular check-ins and extra tools/templates and resources provided throughout your program
  • A concrete plan that excites you about your future

Cost: $2,997

New Aspect Coaching

Reigniting You Package

Option 2: Reigniting You® Month-to-Month Package

Looking for a less structured approach? Then this option is right for you! While still working through the Reframe, Resolve, and Renew phases with Lisa, you’ll work with her month-to-month with fewer coaching sessions while still providing a deep dive, so you come out with an actionable plan that excites you about your future.

As part of this package you’ll receive:

  • Six 1:1 coaching sessions delivered via Zoom for a duration of up to 60-minutes each
  • One 60-minute foundational coaching session to review the New Client Intake Form and decide on logistics, coaching outcomes, and to build rapport
  • An additional 60-minute session if needed to review any assessment results
  • One assessment/profile as needed with the option to purchase more
  • Access to Lisa between coaching sessions via email, phone, or text with regular check-ins, tools/templates, and additional resources provided as needed

Cost: $497 per month (3-month minimum for total of $1,491)

New Aspect Coaching

Reigniting You Accelerated Package

Option 3: New Aspect Strategy Session

Get a jump start on your career transition by working with Lisa through a 2-hour strategy session that provides targeted support on 1-2 topics. We’ll focus our time on what’s most pressing for you. Examples include: brand identity for use in your résumé, professional networking, job search strategy, your vision and path, interviewing support, etc.

Cost: $397

New Aspect Coaching

New Aspect Strategy Session