Letting Go to Move Forward When Launching Your Next Career Phase

On a recent virtual mastermind group meeting with colleagues, we talked about uncertainty and the facilitator asked us what we perceived as certain. Someone put in chat that the job she left to start her business was certain and bemoaned giving that up. Yet no job is certain, regardless of what it is, in today’s reality of mergers and acquisitions, re-orgs., fluctuations in the economy, downsizing, upsizing, resizing, or any other market conditions and influences, such as pandemics and elections. Perhaps, then, what we can ask is, “What may I need to let go of or give up in order to gain a better situation in the long run?”

So often, we spend time rehashing the past or projecting our worries into the future rather than living in the present and affecting what we can in a positive way. We can become short-sighted under this stress and not necessarily see a clear path to reaching our goals, especially when we’re hesitant to cut a cord we need to in order to move forward or get into a loop of “woulda, coulda, shoulda” that holds us back.

It’s been nearly six years since I cut the steady job cord and it’s not easy, and not for everyone. I certainly don’t advocate for everyone to be independent in their work, though it was the right decision for me to stop my spinning. It does mean that I live with uncertainty every day and I’ve done that by letting go of the notion that certainty equals success or happiness, and realizing that all of life is uncertain, a lesson that this year has only continued to reinforce.

What’s something that you need to let go of or change your mindset around that will serve you well (or better) for your future? Doing so can launch you into the future you want to create that much more quickly.