Gaining A Bit of Clarity After the Smoke Clears

Thankfully, smoke from the horrific wildfires plaguing the western U.S. finally cleared out here in the Seattle area over this past weekend and we can now see our mountains again and have a breath of fresh air. It’s always refreshing when we’ve been living in some sort of fog or under a smokescreen to come out from under it and gain a bit of clarity.

It feels like emerging from some sort of cocoon. Just taking a walk on Sunday and having dinner outside at a favorite restaurant was a revelation after many days being stuck inside and dealing with the crummy air. Or, to quote my better half, “I feel like a real person again…sort of.” The “sort of” was due to wearing masks when not eating dinner, so not fully back to how things were, but at least we could get out of the house.

While these last couple weeks have been tough, and a bit depressing (what more can be piled on this year?), I’ve come out of them with a renewed sense of clarity and focus about what I need to be working on and how, both for my business and personally.

How about you? Is there an area of your life that could use more clarity and focus? Have you been in a “fog” about the state of your career or what to do in a time of upheaval or transition? Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when we identify what needs changing or don’t know where to start. Always keep in mind what drives you, as this will provide a great compass point to guide you to what’s next, clearing away the smoke that can cloud your perspective.