Don’t Let Tunnel Vision Impede Career Moves

Where might you be experiencing tunnel vision when it comes to what to do next in your career or secure that next opportunity? While tunnels can be a fun way to get from point A to B, when we narrow ourselves too much and can only see one route, we inadvertently limit possibilities and can feel forced into just continuing down the same path.

Recently, I was given some “constructive” feedback that basically said what I offer in my work is useless. This came from someone who lamented that he only has one skill, computer programming, so what’s he supposed to do to try to get a new job? My reaction was well, this is a pretty eloquently written email, so that’s a skill right there. I bet there are plenty of other ones he has too, if he takes the time to analyze what he’s done over the years and broadens his viewpoint on how tasks translate to skills.

When you think about actions you’ve taken, projects you’ve completed, tasks you’ve done, and positive interactions you’ve had with people to work together, accomplish goals, resolve disagreements, or decide on on how to handle specific problems or issues, you’ve been using any manner of skills that can transfer to other situations. The key is to ask yourself the question, “How did I get to that outcome?” The answer points you to the skill, whether writing, public speaking, organizing, listening, negotiating, problem solving, decision making, etc. This can then provide a different perspective outside of the tunnel you’ve created.

What about you? How can you broaden your perspective and avoid tunnel vision in 2021, whether to secure that next opportunity, decide on a possible path, or create what comes next?