Cleaning House for Your Next Career Move

Is spring cleaning still a thing? Growing up, my family didn’t really engage in that. Cleaning the house was a lot more sporadic, usually when company was coming over and for special occasions. These days, while I don’t do formal spring cleaning, I do like to take time to purge things that don’t suit me anymore and are taking up space, literally and figuratively (when it comes to what’s in my head). When thinking about what’s next for you, whether a career change of some sort or deciding to switch up what life looks like, what are some things that you need to do to clean house, as it were, to help prepare you for your next chapter?

Here are a few areas to consider where a bit of tidying up or downright clearing out may be necessary:

Routines: Well, we’ve sure had our routines turned upside down this past year, haven’t we? And of course with any type of change in our careers and lives, your routine will probably need to change once more, whether the time of day you engage in certain activities or the need to change a few habits that don’t serve you well. What’s one that you can eliminate to make a positive change and what’s one to gain that will benefit you as you look for a new role or find yourself in a different situation?

Relationships: Who’s in your life and doesn’t need to be who may be bringing you down, is draining to deal with, or is a toxic presence in your world? Are there any prior work relationships that you need to let go of or former colleagues to forgive to be able to move on? Still hung up on how someone treated you in a meeting? Sometimes just the act of forgiveness can be a great way to do a “clean sweep” of what’s weighing you down.

Tribal Knowledge: When leaving a workplace, a benefit is you can release much of the knowledge that’s in your head about the organization that’s specific to it, as the chances that you’ll need it again are remote. This doesn’t mean you forget your entire knowledge base, just those particular details that don’t need to rent a room in your brain anymore and serve no real purpose beyond your prior environment. Doing this allows for new information to stick more readily, preparing you to take on new challenges.

By doing a bit of spring cleaning now, your mind will be able to reset as needed, clearing the way for new adventures and allowing different people and opportunities to come along in support of your exciting next phase.