Boxed In? Be Sure You’re Not in an Either/Or Career Trap

So often we can box ourselves into corners, seeing only artificial choices, causing us to think of decisions or making moves forward as either/or situations. By doing so, we block our path to our goals, staying stuck and spinning.

Either I stay miserable or I open myself up to being judged. Either I pursue what I want to do or I lose my income potential. Either I make the transition I know I need to make or I give up my professional status. What if, instead, you changed your mindset to one of, “How can I do both?” So…

How can you transition away from your current situation and still maintain a good professional reputation? How can you pursue a better situation that’s more aligned with who you are and still make a good income? How can you make a successful transition and keep a similar status (or better yet, redefine what status means to you)?

Taking the “yes and” approach can lead to taking the step you know you need to take or that you’ve been talking about for years.

Boxes are meant to hold physical stuff, especially when making a move. What’s possible for you if you don’t put yourself in one too?

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