April 28, 2019

Assessment Tools

The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Assessment provides deep insight and greater clarity into your individual personality to better understand your preferences and how they impact you either as a leader or your career choices. Lisa uses a variety of MBTI® reports in her coaching, depending on client needs.

TotalSDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory) is a suite of assessment tools that allow Lisa’s coaching clients to better understand their strengths and how they tie to their motivations (People, Performance, Process, or a combination of all three). Lisa uses TotalSDI to provide clients with deeper insight into their strengths and motivators when they are looking to shift careers or are considering what a good path may be for retirement or semi-retirement.

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Everything DiSC® assessments are designed to help you better understand your communication and work style and that of other people for more effective relationships. Lisa uses a variety of DiSC tools in her coaching and tailors the specific assessments to the needs and goals of her clients to support them in leadership roles or in considering a career shift.