April 28, 2019

About New Aspect

Image by Jennifer Findlay Portraits

Transitions. For all the education, training, and mentoring we receive throughout our careers, they’re rarely touched on. Yet successfully anticipating and achieving career transitions is one of the most important keys to a fulfilling work life.

Whether we’re actively pursuing a promotion, feeling stuck or off track in our current position, or contemplating how to retire from work life altogether, the right help can bring that next stage so much closer. And as much as most organizations like to trumpet their training and advancement programs, few of them offer the kind of focused, results-oriented support that can be so crucial to a successful jump.

As an educator, corporate trainer, performance consultant, and leadership coach for over 20 years, the most intimidating questions I’ve helped people face didn’t result from their jobs, but from how to change jobs. Where should I go? When is the timing right? What do I need to know?

New Aspect Coaching concentrates on these critical bridges in our careers and lives. Together, we’ll set the milestones, answer the uncertainties, measure the data, and make the leap.

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