May 1, 2019

About Lisa’s Approach

Image by Jennifer Findlay Portraits

When you work with Lisa, you get an individualized experience that’s focused on you achieving your goals and getting you meaningful results in a way that focuses on positive, forward movement. Regardless of how you work with her, the tools used, resources recommended, and coaching techniques will be customized to your specific situation, style, and aspiration.

What is constant from client to client is the coaching process. Here’s what you can expect after you decide to move forward:

1. A “New Client Intake” form will be provided that allows Lisa to learn more about you in terms of what you’re looking to get from the coaching, your style and strengths (an assessment may be involved here as needed, such as the DiSC, Myers-Briggs, or Total SDI), and how success of the coaching will be measured. You’ll also be asked to sign a coaching agreement that outlines expectations and solidifies your and Lisa’s commitment the coaching process.

2. From there, you’ll begin your schedule of coaching sessions via Zoom (video conferencing). During each session, you’ll get used to Lisa using this flow for the conversations:

  • Checking in with you on your current state and how you did with completing your action items from the previous session. No punishment here – only support!
  • Asking what you’d like to gain from the session in support of your overall goal.
  • Talking through that day’s topic to support you in generating ideas and courses of action to take.
  • Working with you to identify your next steps you are committed to taking.
  • Lisa asking for your feedback on how the session went and what she can do to adjust her coaching as needed.

3. Lastly, Lisa will send you a “Coaching Wrap-Up” document for you to complete that asks you to share what you gained from the coaching and gauge results that you’ll talk through together in your final session.

Keep in mind that coaching is not the same as mentoring, meaning Lisa will not give you direct advice (though she will recommend resources, assign “homework,” and share information).

What she will do is ask you a lot of questions (sometimes annoyingly so!) to elicit the answers that are inherently within you. Her job is to draw those answers from you so you can decide what to do next, setting goals and milestones along the way.

As is typical with anything worth doing, coaching takes dedication and hard work, and is a longer-term process than something like taking a training course. It is not a “quick fix.” So, get ready to work, have fun, change your perspective, and achieve your goals!