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New Aspect Coaching founder and coach Lisa Downs is ready to work with you to support you in making a successful career transition as you look to get promoted from your current role, figure out what’s next, or are contemplating retirement.

She will guide you toward the vision you create and the course of action you will take while challenging you to shift your perspective and mindset with a positive, no nonsense approach that will leave you energized and ready to go.

If you’re feeling stuck or dissatisfied in your career, received a promotion or want to be a “people leader,” or are not sure of what that “third phase” of your work life might look like, contact Lisa today to get started.

  • GRIT
  • Resilience
  • Vision
  • Determination

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Whether you're looking to pivot in your career or you're entering your third act, Lisa is here to coach you along the way!
Moving Up

Are you looking to move into leading people but aren’t quite sure how to get there? Or are you newly promoted and are wondering how to best make the leap from your past role? Let’s get moving toward your success!

Feeling Stuck

It’s frustrating and stressful when you feel unhappy with your career. One-on-one coaching provides you with clarity and direction for your future. Let’s get you unstuck with forward momentum!

Third Act

Thinking about what retirement or semi-retirement might be yet don’t have a plan or know what to aim for? It’s time to strategize how best to move forward. Let’s figure out your vision for your next phase!


No matter where you're at in life, New Aspect Coaching is here to assist you in reaching your goals.
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Sometimes the first step is the hardest. Take the leap and let's get started today!